The Michigan Kid is the Worlds Number 2 Ranked Artistic Professional. He is Committed to Bringing Billiards Together Forever along with APN or Action Pool Network. If you would like to have “The Michigan Kid” Come to your Venue For an Exibition or Match Up. Please reach out to him directly or his agent Justin Mason.

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I am


I started shooting pool at the age of 6 in my parent’s basement. My dad was a proficient player in his teens and into his 20’s. I was taught the basics of the game and instantly fell in love with it. I played every day after school and at 15 I wanted to be a professional player. 

I was watching pool greats such as Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Buddy Hall,

Steve Mizerak on television and decided I wanted to do that.

 Well life got in the way as it sometimes does; I went to college, met my first wife, got married and forgot about the dream.

In 2004 I was shooting in a local Pool league and decided that I would use pool for a fundraiser for our local American Cancer Society Relay for Life. We decided to have a poolathon where I would shoot pool for an entire day and people could donate money toward the attempt, either in flat sponsorship or pledges per ball. I sank 11100 balls over the course of 24 hours.

This got the notice of Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman who invited me to my first tournament in 2004 and I have never looked back. I have been shooting Artistic Pool ever since.

Pool has taken me around the world; I was an ambassador for Gospel Trick Shot Ministries visiting locations around the world such as Xinyang, China, Nairobi, Africa, and Erbil, Iraq. I have a love of the game that I love to shar

A few of my most memorable moments are:

Sharing a WPA World Jump Champion title with my good friend Gabi Visiou from Romania. In 2008 at the World Championships in Duluth, GA we both did what was thought of as impossible, we both made 5 jump shots in a row and went perfect for that portion of the tournament.

Winning the Inaugural Cue Dean E Talent Search for performance put on by Tom Rossman. I bested both Charles Darling and then newcomer Florian `Kohler.