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Michigan Kid makes a run at Eastside Billiards Fall Classic

Well true believers I competed in the Michigan Fall Classic 9 Ball Tourney at Eastside Billiards. I started the tournament with 4 straight wins on the A side of the bracket.

My 5th match in the winners side didn’t go as I planned it and I was sent to the B side of the bracket. In my next match I got to play the number 31 player in the world, Roland Garcia, he proved how much of a force he is on the table. He was a gentlemen even in victory.

I placed 9th out of 106 monster players. Hats of to Rich Williams for still adding the 10,000 with a less than full field. My next event is the Michigan Predator 10 ball during the CSI event next week.

As always, thank you to the sponsors that allow me to do the sport I love.

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